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What makes US a good kitesurfing school?

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IKO certified kitesurfing school

Bij kitesurfschool Loops And Barrels geven we kitesurfing lesson met waterproof headsets. Dankzij de headset ben je continu in contact met de instructeur zodat je veilig en sneller kan leren kitesurfen. We zijn een IKO certified kitesurfing school en geven je een IKO certificaat na je cursus.

Ervaren kitesurfschool

LAB consists of a small, experienced team and we like to keep it personal. We hebben 2 spots (vlak water & zee). Hierdoor zijn we flexibel en kunnen veel kitesurflessen doorgaan.
In short, good quality kitesurfing for a fair price! 

Want to learn kitesurfing?


Choose your kitesurfing lesson or course


Group, duo or private

Van € 109,00 voor € 89,00 met PRE-SESAON deal! 


  • Get to know kitesurfing in approx. 3 hours (group)
  • Theory & safety
  • To book to package
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Group, duo or private

Van € 325,00 voor € 249,00 met PRE-SESAON deal! 


  • Learn the basics of kitesurfing in approx. 9 hours (group)
  • BB Talking headset
  • To book to 5 days
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Group, duo or private

Van € 499,00 voor € 399,00 met PRE-SESAON deal! 


  • Learn to kitesurf independently in approx. 15 hours (group)
  • BB Talking headset
  • Extra affordable package deal
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Kitesurfing lessons for advanced players



Voor € 169,00


  • Learn to sail upwind fast
  • BB Talking headset
  • Coaching session of 2 hours
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Voor € 169,00


  • Quickly learn your transition, jumping or other tricks
  • BB Talking headset
  • Coaching session of 2 hours
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Voor € 169,00


  • Learn to foil quickly for light wind days
  • BB Talking headset
  • Coaching session of 2 hours
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  • High quality lessons
  • Small and personal team
  • Various career opportunities within LAB

Kitesurfing school

Loops And Barrels

Kitesurfing lesson Rockanje / 's-Gravenzande

Persoonlijke kitesurflessen

Are you all the way stoked to learn kitesurfing? Kitesurfing school Loops And Barrels gives persoonlijke kitesurflessen, because we work with a small team. We also offer you safe lessons with certified instructors and waterproof headsets! 

Kitesurfing in awesome locations

To our kitesurfing school in 's-Gravenzande geven we kitesurfles op open zee, waardoor er soms waves can be. Our spot in Rockanje is located at a sandbank, so there is often flat water is. Both locations are great and have different wind directions, so we can flexible be with the lessons and possibly from switch location

Kitesurfing Netherlands

The Netherlands is een land met good conditions om te learn kitesurfing, dus deze sport is zeker een goede investering. De natuurlijke elementen van wind en water samen geven je een voldaan gevoel na een goede kitesurf session! We'll see you soon on the water too kitesurfing school Loops And Barrels?

Learn to kitesurf safely

Kitesurfing is without a doubt one of the most spectacular sports for on the water. It gives an extraordinary feeling of freedom and a big adrenaline boost. As a result, it is sometimes forgotten that kitesurfing also involves risks. Bee kitesurfing school Loops And Barrels staat veiligheid voorop. Wij geven onze kitesurflessen daarom met de BB talking headsets. This way the instructor can always communicate with you, but also you with the instructor when you are on the water.

Learn to kitesurf step by step

Voordat je zelfstandig het water op gaat is het verstandig om eerst een aantal kitesurflessen te nemen. Met een 3-day course you start kitesurfing step by step and learn the basics on the water. Do you already have experience with kitesurfing or do you want to learn new tricks? Then is coaching kitesurfing voor jou de beste optie. Tijdens deze lessen word je samen of alleen begeleid met een BB talking headset. Op deze manier leer je op een efficiënte wijze kitesurfen en krijg je al snel te gekke skills. Je lestijd bij kitesurfing school Loops And Barrels wordt goed besteed met gecertificeerde instructeurs.

Kitesurfing school

We have a kitesurfing school with a location in 's-Gravenzande and Rockanje. You can go there as a beginner, but also as an experienced kite surfer. We have an extensive range of packages so that everyone can find themselves in a kitesurfing lesson. Do you want learn kitesurfing from scratch? Our certified instructors guide you from the theory to the water and beyond. Visit one of our locations and get free advice about kitesurfing lessons and the possibilities of kiting.

Kitesurfing school 's-Gravenzande

Do you want kitesurfing on a quiet spot? At this location in South Holland we provide professional kitesurfing lessons for beginners and advanced. It is a very quiet spot, so you are not here with an abundance of kite surfers in the water. It is near Hoek van Holland so very accessible.

Kitesurfing school Rockanje

Do you want to learn kitesurfing in peace? At this location in Zeeland we provide professional kitesurfing lessons for beginners and advanced. Een grote vlak water spot, tot redelijk ver ondiep en echt de ideale omstandigheden om te leren kitesurfen. Het is hier bijna nooit druk en je hebt alle ruimte om te leren kitesurfen!

About kiteschool Loops And Barrels

Kitesurfing school Loops And Barrels originated from passion, that's why we keep it small and personal. We get to know all our students ourselves, so that we know what you need and what you want in every lesson level is. All instructors are IKO certified. By our kitesurfing school we use fair prices. All prices are therefore including material. We use the latest F-One kites and boards. We are also always available for all your questions. After your course you can Loops And Barrels we expect you help you purchase the right kite materialso you can be sure you're buying the right stuff.

Kitesurfing at your level

Onze kitesurfschool heeft verschillende locaties, waardoor veel kitesurflessen door kunnen gaan. Ook kunnen we met deze locaties beter inspelen op jouw niveau en behoeften voor de toekomst. Kitesurfen vraagt wat flexibiliteit, maar we garanderen je dat dit het helemaal waard is. Uit eigen ervaring, maar ook uit diverse onderzoeken is gebleken dat kitesurfen je een gelukkiger mens maakt!

Kom na je cursus kitesurfen ook zeker nog bij ons langs om samen met andere beginners te gaan kiten. Haak aan bij onze gezellige beach barbecues en deel je passie met anderen!

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Learn to kitesurf safely and responsibly! 

I really enjoyed the lessons, where Sebas gives good explanations and takes the time for everyone personally. Also supported with advice for kite material after the lessons and no question is too much! Ankie ensures great communication and planning! However, highly recommended!

You remain motivated to continue by the way of teaching, the lessons are taught with great enthusiasm. Very flexible and thoughtful in terms of planning is also an advantage!

Sebas thinks (and laughs) along with you to learn to sail as safely and quickly as possible. The headset is brilliant. Is it going wrong? Then you hear Sebas in your ear; keep shining! And so it is. Communication is also always professional and timely (not unimportant in a weather dependent sport). Location is super easy to reach and the spot is not mega busy.