The best communication with BB Talkin

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Loops And Barrels kitesurfing school stands for quality lessons. That is why we work with the BB Talking headsets. These are waterproof intercom sets that allow the instructor to communicate with the student, and vice versa of course.

This headset will not be necessary for the first lesson, but as soon as you get started in the water you will get a little further away from the instructor. That makes sense, especially if you are going to sail pieces. The instructor always gives you boundaries where you should stay within. For example, sail until the first big wave, and no further than a target point on the beach (eg a flag).

It works much faster and more efficiently if you get the right directions directly from the instructor through your headset during the exercise. You can also directly ask questions about the actions you perform. This allows you to spend your lesson time on the water super-efficiently!

In short, safety and a great communication come first, and that's great with these headsets!