Combi package kitesurfing

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Book your 5 day kitesurfing package now!

Combi package – 5 days

€ 529.00 total / 13 hours 

> 3 group lessons of 3.5 hours

> 2 private lessons of 2 hours

> Complete kitesurfing in 5 days

> From experience this is the best combination

> Latest material from F-one

> BB talking headset

What will you learn during your 5 day package?

Day 1/3

On day 1 you will learn the basics of kitesurfing. We start with a (small) piece of theory, material explanation and safety instructions. Then we get to work with your kite control on land and in the water.

Day 2/3

On day 2 we continue with body dragging and relaunching the kite when it falls into the water. The kiteboard is also included to learn to body drag with your kiteboard! 

Day 3/3

On day 3, the headset comes into play. Let's start with the water start. You then get a little further away from the instructor, so the headset is super handy! By means of powerstrokes you will try to get out of the water and stand on your board.

Day 4/5

Now it's time to perfect your water start and start sailing the first parts. We also ensure that you stand on your board with a good posture.

Day 5/5

On the last day we will make meters! You will also learn to sail upwind and we will ensure that you can go kitesurfing independently after your course. It is important that you go out on the water safely and responsibly!

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Learn to sail independently quickly and efficiently during the 5-day kitesurfing course!

During your 5-day kitesurfing course you will learn all the ins and outs of kitesurfing, so that you can go out on the water safely and responsibly afterwards! It always differs per person how many lessons you need.

Our experience shows that many students need a private lesson after their course. That is why we have put together this more affordable combi package. 

Our group lessons consist of a maximum of 3 people per lesson. The lesson then lasts 3.5 hours. Our private lessons last 2 hours.

Do you have questions or do you want to discuss something? take via this link contact us directly!

The perfect weather conditions for a 5 day kitesurfing course

Good to know is that we always depend on the weather conditions for your lesson! We therefore confirm 1 day in advance whether the lesson can continue or not. In principle, the lessons start from 12 knots to 30 knots through, but we always look at this on a day-to-day basis. Rain showers, waves and possible thunderstorms always have an influence on this!

If you want to see for yourself whether your class might be able to continue, check our wind finder widget!

Maak kennis met kitesurfen

You remain motivated to continue by the way of teaching, the lessons are taught with great enthusiasm. Very flexible and thoughtful in terms of planning is also an advantage!

IKO gecertificeerde instructeur Sebas

Super cool cock that Sebas! In a very short time I have found my passion for kiting and thanks to Sebas I can now sail. Good price and good lesson. Thanks!