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Learning Kitesurfing as a beginner?

Introduction lesson:

Do you want learn kitesurfing? During this first day you will learn the basics of kitesurfing. We start with the first theory, material explanation and safety instructions. Then we'll get to work with you kite control! For this we start with a small power kite on the beach and then we switch to the big kite in the sea so you can really learn kitesurfing. You may already be going for the first bits body drag in the water!

  • Theory and safety
  • wind window
  • Set up and control the kite
  • Bodydragging in the water
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Learn to kitesurf in a group

Our group lessons consist of a maximum of 3 people per lesson. The lesson will last 3 hours. Do you have any questions or do you want to discuss something before you start learning kitesurfing?

take through this link  contact us directly! 

If you are completely stoked after your trial lesson kitesurfing and you are disappointed that you don't have any 3 days or 5 days have booked a course? Let us know and we can of course rebook this, so that you can ultimately make use of the package deal.

This introductory lesson is super fun to do with a few friends as an outing!

Book your kitesurfing introduction lesson now!

learn kitesurfing

Do you like a sport with an adrenaline rush? Do you like to be in the natural elements? Or are you a fanatic winter sports enthusiast, but are you disappointed that you can often only go to the snow once or twice a year? Then kitesurfing is probably a super cool sport for you.

Learn to kitesurf can be compared to learning to ski or snowboard. Starting with a few days of lessons is necessary. This sport is not something you can teach yourself out of the blue, it is and remains an extreme sport. It is important that you learn the right basic knowledge about the material, the weather conditions and of course the techniques are well explained.

Learn to kitesurf is absolutely worth it. Kitesurfing gives an extraordinary feeling of freedom on the water. For many it is a hobby or even a passion. Before you start kitesurfing independently, it is of course useful to have mastered the basics. Learn to kitesurf is very important to safe start to go. In addition, you first want to learn to control the kite to keep. Do you want learn kitesurfing with the latest equipment? Book an introduction lesson and get to know the basics of kitesurfing!

Learn to kitesurf in the perfect weather conditions

Whenever you want learn kitesurfing, it is good to know that we always depend on the weather conditions for your lesson! We therefore confirm 1 day in advance whether the lesson can continue or not. In principle, the lessons continue from 12 knots to 30 knots, but we always look at this per day. Rain showers, waves and possible thunderstorms always have an influence on this! 

If you want to see for yourself whether your class might be able to continue, check our wind finder widget

Frequently Asked Questions

Kitesurfing falls into the extreme sports category and you cannot practice this sport without taking lessons. Unfortunately, accidents still happen in this sport because people with too little knowledge and experience go kitesurfing.

Good kitesurfing lessons ensure a safe sport. What can you expect?

  • Knowledge about controlling the kite 
  • Knowledge about the wind
  • Knowledge about the weather
  • Knowledge about the kite
  • Learning to estimate risks
  • Associated safety instructions
  • Learn to kitesurf! 

By taking kitesurfing lessons at a good kitesurfing school with experienced instructors, you assure yourself of safe, personal and above all fun kitesurfing lessons.

This differs per person, but at least you don't learn kitesurfing in 1 lesson! We recommend booking a 3 day course, this can always be converted to a 5 day course. We also offer a combination package of 3 group lessons + 2 private lessons. Experience has shown that this is preferred for most people and works best! 

We are of course always dependent on the weather. We always confirm or cancel your lesson 1 day in advance. Usually around 5:00 PM. If the lesson cannot take place, it can be rescheduled immediately via your personal account online.

You can make the booking online. When booking you need to select the (1st) date of kitesurfing lesson in the agenda. After completing the booking you will receive an email with your personal login for your account. You can then schedule the lessons yourself in your account. 

We give kitesurfing lessons in Rockanje and 's-Gravenzande. You can book for the location you prefer. Both locations have a different location, so also wind direction. It is therefore possible that we sometimes move your lesson to the other location, but we always discuss this with you! 

Maak kennis met kitesurfen

You remain motivated to continue by the way of teaching, the lessons are taught with great enthusiasm. Very flexible and thoughtful in terms of planning is also an advantage!

IKO gecertificeerde instructeur Sebas

Super cool cock that Sebas! In a very short time I have found my passion for kiting and thanks to Sebas I can now sail. Good price and good lesson. Thanks!