Kitesurf lessons

3 daagse cursus kitesurfen bij Loops and Barrels

Trial lesson kitesurfingVan € 109 voor € 89

Get to know kitesurfing! During the trial lesson kitesurfing you get a piece of theory, you learn to control the kite and we even go into the water for a while! After this lesson you will be completely stoked!

  • Get to know kitesurfing
  • Theory & safety
  • To book to 3 or 5 days
  • New F-one material & wetsuit included
  • Flat water spot
5 daagse cursus kitesurfen bij Loops and Barrels

3 day kitesurfing courseVan €325 voor € 249

With the 3-day kitesurfing course you learn the basics of kitesurfing. From setting up and controlling your kite, the water start on your board to the first pieces of sailing!

  • Learn the basics of kitesurfing
  • BB Talking headset
  • Best-selling course, convertible to 5 days
  • New F-one material & wetsuit included
  • Flat water spot
5 daagse kitesurfles

5 day kitesurfing courseFrom €499 for €399

During your 5-day course you will learn all the ins and outs of kitesurfing with this complete kitesurfing package, so that you can go out on the water safely and responsibly afterwards!

  • Learn to kitesurf independently
  • BB Talking headset
  • Flat water spot
  • New F-one material & wetsuit included
  •  Advice on purchasing your own equipment

Private kitesurf lessons

privé les kitesurfen bij Loops and Barrels

Private kitesurfing lessonVan € 169 voor € 149

If you prefer not to work in a group, but only with your instructor, that is certainly possible! We will then fully adapt the kitesurfing lesson to your level during the private kitesurfing lesson.

  • Bookable per lesson – 2 hours
  • BB Talking headset
  • Fast and efficient at your own level
  • New F-one material & wetsuit included
  • Flat water spot
Kitesurfles voor gevorderden

Coaching for advanced users€ 169,00

Do you want to learn to sail upwind, practice new tricks or learn to foil? Or something not listed here? Then please contact us. We are open to everything!

  • Bookable per session of 2 hours
  • BB Talking headset
  • Fast and efficient at your own level
  • With own or school material
  • Flat water spot

Frequently Asked Questions

Kitesurfing falls into the extreme sports category and you cannot practice this sport without taking lessons. Unfortunately, accidents still happen in this sport because people with too little knowledge and experience go kitesurfing.

Good kitesurfing lessons ensure a safe sport. What can you expect?

  • Knowledge about controlling the kite 
  • Knowledge about the wind
  • Knowledge about the weather
  • Knowledge about the kite
  • Learning to estimate risks
  • Associated safety instructions
  • Learn to kitesurf! 

By taking kitesurfing lessons at a good kitesurfing school with experienced instructors, you assure yourself of safe, personal and above all fun kitesurfing lessons.

This differs per person, but at least you don't learn kitesurfing in 1 lesson! We recommend booking a 3 day course, this can always be converted to a 5 day course. We also offer a combination package of 3 group lessons + 2 private lessons. Experience has shown that this is preferred for most people and works best! 

We are of course always dependent on the weather. We always confirm or cancel your lesson 1 day in advance. Usually around 5:00 PM. If the lesson cannot take place, it can be rescheduled immediately via your personal account online.

You can make the booking online. When booking you need to select the (1st) date of kitesurfing lesson in the agenda. After completing the booking you will receive an email with your personal login for your account. You can then schedule the lessons yourself in your account. 

We give kitesurfing lessons in Rockanje and 's-Gravenzande. You can book for the location you prefer. Both locations have a different location, so also wind direction. It is therefore possible that we sometimes move your lesson to the other location, but we always discuss this with you! 

Kitesurf lessons

Do you want kitesurfing lessons in a group or alone? Which lesson suits you? Read more about our kitesurf lessons. A private kitesurfing lesson (possibly for 2 people) in which you work quickly and efficiently?

Or do you choose a group lesson in which you with max. 3 persons gets started. First of all this is natural very cosy but moreover you you learn from each other.                             

 Who knows, you might even find a kite buddy! 

What do our kitesurf lessons consist of?

The kitesurf group lessons consist 1 lesson (introduction), with after 3 lessons (base) or 5 lessons (learning to kitesurf independently).

The Loops And Barrels group lessons last 3.5 hours per lesson.

You can also opt for 1 person private lesson, which lasts 2 hours. Or a 2 person private lesson, which lasts 3 hours. 

If you have any questions or would like advice about our kitesurfing lessons, please contact us! 

Learn to kitesurf at kitesurfing school Loops And Barrels

You learn kitesurfing at kitesurfing school Loops And Barrels. we love it small and personal, so that we know in every lesson what you need and what your level is. We give our kitesurfing lessons in the water with the BB talking headsets. This allows the instructor to always communicate with you, but also you with the instructor when you are on the water.