Kitesurfing course: 5-day independent kiting

5-day kitesurfing course

5-day kitesurfing course

The 5-day course consists of 5 lessons of 3 hours (in groups) 

€ 439,00 per person now with the summer deal!

DAY 1/5

On day 1 of the kitesurfing course you will learn the basics of kitesurfing. We start with a (small) part of theory, explanation of equipment and safety instructions. Then we work on your kite control on land and in the water.

DAY 2/5

Day 2 of the kitesurfing course continues with body dragging and relaunching the kite when it falls into the water. This includes the kiteboard to learn bodydragging with the kiteboard! 

DAY 3/5

On the 3rd day, the headset is added. We start with the water start. You are a little further away from the teacher, so the headset is very convenient! With powerful strokes, you try to get out of the water and onto your board.

DAY 4/5

Now it's time to perfect the water start and ride the first tracks. On day 4 of the kitesurfing course we will also make sure you get on your board with good posture.

DAY 5/5

On the last day we get everything out. You will also learn to ride altitude and we will make sure you can kitesurf on your own after the course. It is important to get out on the water safely and responsibly!


We often see someone book a final private lesson after their 5 day kitesurfing course to top it all off! 


Good to know that we always depend on weather conditions for your lessons! Therefore, we confirm one day in advance whether the class can take place or not. In principle, the lessons take place at 12 to 30 knots, but we check it every day. Rain showers, waves and possible thunderstorms also have an impact on it!

If you want to find out for yourself if your lesson can take place, use our Windfinder widget!

The way they teach motivates to continue, and with great enthusiasm. High flexibility and planning thinking are also a plus!


Super cool guy, the Sebas! In a very short time I discovered my passion for kiting and thanks to Sebas I can now ride. Good price and good teaching. Thank you!



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