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Loops And Barrels

Kitesurfing is a very fun sport to do. Of course you have to have a bit of guts to be able to do this sport, but that is certainly no problem for you. You already have a bit of experience with kitesurfing and are really just looking for a nice kitesurf spot. You may already know this spot, but we have found a super nice place at Castricum where you really have to go with your kite to go out on the water.

Get acquainted with kitesurfing

You've never done it but you think you can? That is in any case a very good reason to get acquainted with kitesurfing. Kitesurfing is certainly not something you just learned. We have a solution for that.

Kitesurfing school Loops and Barrels is a good and fun school where you can get lessons from certified instructors. Loops and Barrels has a kitesurfing school in 's-Gravenzande and Rockanje where they teach in small groups or where you can even get private lessons.

Lots of tips and tricks

At Loops and Barrels you not only learn on the water, but they also teach you the theory that comes with kitesurfing. Precisely because they also include this part, you will better understand how kitesurfing works and what you have to do to get out of a certain situation.

On the water you can also get very good tips and tricks from the instructors. This is because they use waterproof headsets. With these headsets they have the opportunity to also keep in touch with you as a student on the water. Surely this should give you a good and safe feeling, isn't it?

More information about the courses

Kitesurfing school 's-Gravenzande

Loops And Barrels

Where is the Loops And Barrels Kitesurfing School 's-Gravenzande?

The school is located in a sea container next to beach club Breez† You can report to the beach club for the course and the instructor will pick you up here for your course.

Just before the beach is a parking spot where you can park (for a fee). From here it is only a 2 minute walk to the beach pavilion.

Facilities Loops And Barrels Kitesurfing School 's-Gravenzande

Loops and Barrels 's-Gravenzande features showers, changing room and at the Beach Club Breez can you get a have a snack and a drink before or after your course. There are also sunbeds available in the summer and dogs are allowed on this beach. So the whole family can join in and watch your course from the beach!

The instructor ensures that valuables safe can be stored in the school.

Route description Loops And Barrels Kitesurfschool 's-Gravenzande

The location is easy and almost always a traffic jam free to to achieve with the car† Enter the address below on your navigation to get on the parking spot to come. When you cross the dune you walk directly to Beachclub Breez with our Loops And Barrels Kiteboard School 's-Gravenzande next to it.

Location kitesurfing school 's-Gravenzande

Extended Strandweg 1, 2691 KE in 's-Gravenzande 

If you are unable to ask or if you have any questions, you can always call us on +31 (0) 6 48734980

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