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Loops And Barrels

In the province of Zeeland there are several kitesurf spots where you can go when you want to clear your head on the water. Women's Polder is one of them. The sandbanks that you have there can ensure that at high water there is a perfect inland lake where you can go as a beginner but certainly also as an advanced kite surfer. The water here is not very deep and wonderfully flat. This spot is certainly very nice for beginners and the Vrouwenpolder has a large sandy beach.

Your first “flight”

No, we are not talking about a flight with an airplane but more about a flight with your kite. Kitesurfing is a combination of kite flying and surfing. You are pulled on a plank on the water by a kite or while also called a kite. This sport has been on the rise in recent years. It really is a very cool and cool sport to practice.

Are you on the water for the first time and don't know what to do? We know! We give you the advice to first start taking a number of lessons at kitesurfing school Loops and Barrels. With a location in 's-Gravenzande and Rockanje where they are equipped with certified instructors, you will certainly succeed in going to a kitesurf spot such as the Vrouwenpolder within a short time on your own.

Good communication is important

Communication is always important and they think so at Loops and Barrels. This is also the reason that they use BB talking headsets. These headsets are waterproof, which means that you can even use them on the water and be in direct contact with your instructor.

Are you ready for it yet?

More info about the courses

Kitesurfing school Rockanje

Loops And Barrels

Where is the Loops And Barrels Kitesurfing School Rockanje?

Between the 1st and the 2nd battle in Rockanje you will find Beach club 8. The kitesurfing school is located in a container on the left side of the beach club. 

Please report to the school in the container before class. If you are early, you can still have a cup of coffee at the beach club and enjoy the beautiful view. You probably already see some kite surfers passing by, because as soon as the wind is on, the kiters are indispensable! 

Facilities Kitesurfing Rockanje

Loops and Barrels Rockanje has showers, a changing room and at Beachclub 8 you can enjoy a snack and a drink before or after your course. There are also sunbeds available in the summer and this beach club is great for a day out in the summer. The whole family can join and watch your course from the beach!

The instructor ensures that valuables can be safely stored in the school.

Route description Loops And Barrels Kitesurfschool Rockanje

There is a parking lot on the 1st and 2nd street where you can park (for a fee). On the 1st turn you walk over the dune and then turn right over the path. From the 2nd turn you walk to the left over the beach.

The location is easy and almost always traffic-free to reach by car. Enter the address below into your navigation to access the car park. 

swinsdreef 28,
Rockanje Beach 1st battle,
3235 AR Rockanje

Location kitesurfing school Rockanje

swinsdreef 28,
Rockanje Beach 1st battle,
3235 AR Rockanje

If you can't ask or have any questions, you can always call us on +31 (0) 6 48734980

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Badhotel Rockanje

Badhotel Rockanje is only 400 meters away from the beach, hidden between the forest and the dunes. The tranquility and omnipresent nature make you feel far from the outside world. The style of a North American lodge, the scent of pine trees, our hospitality, the beautiful outdoor pool and good kitchen… you don't want to go home.

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