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Kitesurfing Vrouwenpolder

In the province of Zeeland there are several kitesurfing spots where you can go if you want to clear your head on the water. Vrouwenpolder is one of them. The sandbanks there can become a perfect inland lake for beginners and advanced sailors at high tide. The water here is not very deep and wonderfully shallow. This place is very suitable for beginners and Vrouwenpolder has a large sandy beach.

Kitesurfing Vrouwenpolder

Loops And Barrels

Your first "flight"

No, we're not talking about flying a plane, we're talking about flying your kite. This is because kitesurfing is a combination of hang gliding and surfing. You are pulled on a board on the water by a kite, or kite. This sport has been booming for several years. It's really a very rad and cool sport.

Is this your first time on the water and you don't know what to do? We know! We recommend that you first take a few lessons at the Loops And Barrels kitesurfing school. With a location in 's-Gravenzande and in Rockanje, where they are equipped with certified instructors, you will surely manage to get yourself to a kitesurfing spot like the Vrouwenpolder in no time.

Good communication is important

Communication is always important, and this is also true for Loops And Barrels. For this reason, Bb headsets are used. These headsets are waterproof, so you can even use them on the water and you'll be instantly in touch with your instructor. Are you ready?

Where is the Loops And Barrels Kitesurfing School in Rockanje located?

Beachclub 8 is located between the Eerste and Tweede Slag Rockanje. The kitesurfing school is located in a container on the left side of the beach club.

Report to the school before class in the container. If you are early, you can have a cup of coffee at the Beach Club and enjoy the beautiful view. You will probably already see some kitesurfers passing by, because as soon as the wind blows, the kitesurfers are never far away!

Facilities Kitesurfing Rockanje

Loops And Barrels Rockanje has showers and changing rooms, and you can grab a bite to eat and a drink at Beachclub 8 before or after your class. In addition, beach chairs are available in the summer, and this beach club is ideal for a day trip in the summer. So the whole family can come along and watch your course from the beach!

The teacher will ensure that valuables can be safely stored at school.

Directions Loops And Barrels Kitesurfing School Rockanje

On the Eerste and Tweede Slag there is a parking lot each where you can park (fee required). At the Eerste Slag you walk over the dune and then turn right into the path. From the Tweede Slag you then go left across the beach.

The place is easy to reach by car and almost always without traffic jams. Enter the address below into your sat nav to get to the parking lot. 

Swinsedreef 28,
Rockanje Strand 1e slag,
3235 AR Rockanje

Location kitesurfing school Rockanje

Swinsedreef 28, Rockanje Strand 1e slag, 3235 AR  Rockanje

If you haven't had a chance to ask a question or still have questions, you can always call us at +31 (0) 6 48734980

Location kitesurfing school 's-Gravenzande

Verlengde Strandweg 1, 2691 KE te ‘s-Gravenzande

If you haven't had a chance to ask a question or still have questions, you can always call us at +31 (0) 6 48734980

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