Kitesurfing/Kiteboarding in general

Have you ever been to winter sports and would you like to ski or snowboard more often during the year? Then you can feel the same good feeling with kitesurfing, and often every week. Our conclusion is that kitesurfing/kiteboarding is addictive, in a positive way of course! Depending on your style, you can always challenge yourself, you are wonderfully busy outdoors and with different natural elements. It gives you a sense of freedom that you can't get enough of!

As for water sports, it is similar to wakeboarding. In wakeboarding, you are pulled forward by a boat or a rope. In kitesurfing, you generate the power yourself through the kite.

Kitesurfing is classified as an extreme sport, so yes, you have to know what you are doing. And which actions have which consequences. A good kitesurfing school will give you all the safety instructions and how to deal with the weather conditions. At each spot the water or the sea is different, you can expect explanations about this as well.

Hier vertellen wij je alles over tijdens onze lessen! 

Kitesurfing is not a cheap sport. Buying your equipment is expensive, but after that you will enjoy it for years. It's an investment in your own well-being!

Essentieel om te kunnen starten (indicatie):

  • Kite 9m2 - New €1.500,00 / 2. Hand €800,00
  • Kite 12m2 - New €1.650,00 / 2. Hand €1.000.00
  • Bar – Nieuw € 600,00/ 2e hands € 300,00
  • Harnas/Trapeze – Nieuw € 250,00/ 2e hands € 100,00
  • Wetsuit - New €200,00 / 2. Hand €75,00
  • Kiteboard - New €600,00 / 2. Hand €200,00

Not essential for entry:

  • Gloves - New €40,00
  • Shoes - New €40,00
  • Hat - New €40,00
  • Surf Poncho - New €40,00

Of course, this is different for everyone. Some people need 3-5 lessons, others 5-7. It helps if you do your lessons in quick succession. As long as you stick it out and have fun with it!

NO, absolutely not. This can lead to dangerous situations and even accidents. You don't know what to expect from the weather conditions, what size to use for what wind strength, and when the wind direction is right for your location. These are all things you need to know before you go out on the water alone.

You can do this at a young age, but it also depends a bit on your body weight. From the age of about 8 this is usually possible, but call us to check!

Kitesurfing and kiteboarding are one and the same.

In kitesurfing, you control a kite yourself, generate power and ride through the water. Surfing or also called wave surfing is done only with a surfboard and the power comes from the waves.

Both depend on the wind. In kitesurfing, you control a kite yourself, generate power and ride through the water. In windsurfing, the wind is caught by a sail attached to the board and you ride through the water.

A kiteboard is lighter than a wakeboard.
A kiteboard has fins, a wakeboard does not, so riding upwind is difficult.
A kiteboard has straps and a wakeboard generally has bindings.
So we definitely do not recommend this. For example, during a jump with bindings. If something goes wrong, you can't easily kick your board away to land safely.

See our detailed article about wetsuits. In the Netherlands you need on average a wetsuit of 3/5 mm. When it is windy in the Netherlands, it often gets much colder.
A tip is also not to skimp or buy used here.

Be sure to book with a school that is IKO certified. (www.ikointl.com)
You can also check whether it is a large or small school. Maybe you want personal contact? It is also helpful if the school works with the BB talkin headsets!

Kitesurfing lessons

De lessen starten bij ons vanaf ca. €80,00 per les per persoon (afhankelijk van de periode in het jaar). Dit is dan een groepsles met max. 3 personen. Deze kun je ook boeken als 3-daagse cursus  of 5-daagse cursus . De lessen worden dan dus voordeliger, doordat je er meer in 1x aanschaft. Naast bieden we prive lessen voor 1 persoon (€ 90,00 per uur) of 2 personen ( € 67,50 per uur). Hiervoor geld wel een minimum van 2 uur, omdat het anders niet de moeite is.


Yes, during your booking you will see our agenda and after booking you will receive a login for your own account. This way you can easily plan your lessons.


1 les ter kennnismaking 

3 lessen leer de basis van het kitesurfen 

5 lessen om zelfstandig veilig en verantwoord het water op te kunnen

Yes, everything is included in the tuition price

Of course, we are always dependent on the weather and the wind. We will therefore confirm to you the day before the class if it can take place. Will it be cancelled? Then you can easily move the date yourself via your account.

1 april tot en met 31 oktober, en dan alle dagen van de week, zolang het maar waait

Een priveles duurt 2 uur en een groepsles duurt 3 uur

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