Kitesurfing/Kiteboarding in general

Have you ever been on winter sports, and would you prefer to ski or snowboard more often a year? Then you can feel the same satisfaction with kitesurfing and often even every week. Our conclusion is that kitesurfing/kiteboarding has an addictive effect in a positive way of course! Depending on your style, you can always challenge yourself, you can enjoy being outdoors with different natural elements. It gives you a feeling of freedom that you can't get enough of!

In terms of water sports, it corresponds to wakeboarding. Wakeboarding involves being pulled forward by a boat or cable. With kitesurfing you generate the power from the kite yourself.

Kitesurfing is marked as an extreme sport, so yes, you do need to know what you are doing. And which actions have which consequences. A good kitesurfing school will teach you all the safety instructions and how to deal with the weather conditions. The water or sea is different at every spot, so you can expect an explanation about this too.

See overview above, and view our knowledge base for detailed information per material piece.

Kitesurfing is not a cheap sport. The purchase of your material is expensive, but after that you will enjoy it for years. It is an investment in your own well-being!

Essential to get started:

  • Kite 9m2 – New € 1,500.00 / 2nd hand € 800.00
  • Kite 12m2 – New € 1,650,00 / 2nd hand € 1000,00
  • Bar – New € 200.00 / 2nd hand € 300.00
  • Harness/Trapeze – New € 200.00 / 2nd hand € 100.00
  • Wetsuit – New € 200.00 / 2nd hand € 75.00
  • Kiteboard – New € 600.00 / 2nd hand € 200.00

Total when buying everything new: € 4,650,00

Total when buying 2nd hand € 2.475.00

Not essential to get started:

  • Gloves – New € 40.00
  • Shoes- New € 40.00
  • Hat – New € 40.00
  • Surf poncho – New € 40.00

Total when buying everything new: € 160.00

This is of course different for everyone. Some people need 3-5 lessons, others 5-7 lessons. It helps if you go through your lessons in quick succession. And as long as you persevere and enjoy it!

See overview above, and view our knowledge base for detailed information per material piece.

No absolutely not. This can lead to dangerous situations and even accidents. You do not know what to expect from the weather conditions, which format do you use with which wind force and when is the wind direction correct per location. These are all things you should have knowledge of before you go out on the water alone.

This can be done from a fairly young age, but it also depends a bit on the body weight. It is usually possible from the age of 8, but give us a call to check!

Kitesurfing and kiteboarding is the same.

When kitesurfing you control a kite yourself, with which you generate power and sail through the water. Surfing or also wave surfing, is only with a surfboard and the power comes from the waves.

Both depend on the wind. When kitesurfing you control a kite yourself, with which you generate power and sail through the water. In windsurfing, the wind is caught by a sail that is attached to the board and you sail through the water.

A kiteboard is lighter than a wakeboard.
A kiteboard has fins and a wakeboard does not, so sailing upwind is lasting.
A kiteboard has straps and a wakeboard boots in general.
We certainly do not recommend this. For example when you make a jump with boots. If things go wrong, you can't easily kick out your plank for a safe landing.

Check out our detailed wetsuit article for this. In the Netherlands you need a wetsuit of 3/5 mm on average. Often when the wind blows in the Netherlands, it gets a lot colder.
Tip is also not to save on this or buy second-hand.

In any case, always book a school that is IKO certified. (www.ikointl.com)
You can also check whether it is a large or small school. Perhaps you need personal contact? It is also useful if the school works with the BB talkin headsets!

Kitesurfing lessons / Kitesurfing lessons

The lessons start with us from € 100.00 per lesson per person. This is a group lesson with max. 3 people. You can also book this as a 3-day course (€ 285) or a 5-day course (€ 450). The lessons are then cheaper, because you purchase more in 1x. In addition, we offer private lessons for 1 person (€ 70 per hour) or 2 people (€ 67.50 per hour). A minimum of 2 hours applies for this, because otherwise it is not worth the effort.

Yes, during your booking you will see our agenda and after booking you will receive a login for your own account. This way you can easily manage your lessons.

1 lesson  to get acquainted 3 lessons  learn the basics of kite surfing 5 lessons  to be able to go on the water safely and responsibly.

Yes, everything is included in the lesson price

We are of course always dependent on the weather and the wind. We therefore confirm the day before your class will take place whether your class can continue. Can't he continue? Then you can easily schedule it again via your account.

April 1 to October 30, and then every day of the week, as long as the wind blows!

Private lesson for 1 person  2 hours Private lesson for 2 persons  3 hours Group lesson  3.5 hours