Wakeboard course suitable for everyone

Wakeboarding courses are suitable for anyone who wants to have fun or improve their kitesurfing skills. During wakeboarding lessons, you are put behind a boat and then wakeboarded. Test your skills or practice new tricks. Improve your kiteboarding skills now with a wakeboard lesson at our partner Board Academy in Dordrecht. Wakeboarding is ideal for lulls! 

Introductory lesson

20 minutes water time / lesson duration approx. 60 minutes

In this class we will cover the basics of water launching. We will attach the "tree", which makes it easy to practice the basics.

Notice: This lesson is only for the water start on the "tree"!

Improvement of kitesurfing skills

30 minutes water time / lesson duration approx. 90 minutes

In this lesson we will focus on improving your skills on the board to learn kitesurfing. Ideal for windless days!

Please note: This course focuses exclusively on kitesurfing! 

Free wakeboard session

approx. 20 minutes water time per person

If you already know how to wakeboard independently (you have to know at least the waterstart), you can book a free session. In this you can practice independently on the water.

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